About Us


The SHEQ Centre of Excellence can provide you with the best possible QEHS service. The Centre was founded by Dr Dan Gallagher and has since grown to include a full staff of consultants with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. We work in different parts of th eworld and are sensitive to cultural and operational challenges that can present themselves in sometimes demanding environments.

The SHEQ Centre of Excellence
 follows four main principles, which are the foundation and keys to oursuccess:

  • Independent advice
  • Objective information
  • Competent staff
  • Client confidentiality



Find out how these core values have helped hundreds of other clients achieve lasting success for their businesses.

Consulting Team

Centre of Excellence prides itself in the quality of its consultants. Each consultant has an established track record in their own area of expertise. We work to ensure that the right consultant is chosen for each job. Our next job depends on the success of our last job!



Our consulting team includes: